Various groups in and out of universities have learned about the project, written life histories, and posted them on Web sites. The groups include participants in adult education workshops, art classes, and college classes on linguistics, business, media studies and communication. Their task was also to use their own lives to think critically about the media. They deal with politics in interesting and unexpected ways. Many of them write in English.

Spanish Life Histories, Autumn 1996 Analysis of Spanish Essays
Currently Unavailable  
European Life Histories, Spring 1998 Analysis of European Essays
Currently Unavailable  
Brazilian Life Histories, Spring 1999
(in Portugese)
Italian Life Histories, Spring 2006, * in English
Ana Carolina

*How some calls have changed my life
Le Mie Olimpiadi
Sport and Media
La testa nel pallone...per Alex!
Politics through media 1940-1948
La mia Passione È il Toro (I Love Toro)
*Politics through media 1994-Today
*Italiano vero? Italy in my point of view
*My experience of war
*Phone and how it comes to affect our lives
How a passion can colour a life
*Television in my childhood, adolescence & today

11 Settembre 2001: New York, Attentato alla Torre Gemelli
I Giornali Locali e le Pagine Locali delle Testate Nazionali
*11 September 2001: The Day that Changed my Life
Le testate locali di Vercelli
il giornale e la cronaca locale
Una fan racconta le sue emozioni...Johnny Depp: un attore
Odio Telefonare
*My Italy
25 anni di politica italiana
*A youth in the sixties
*My life history with advertising
My memories connected with advertising
Advertising in my life
*Tomboy turned dancer
11 Settembre, la Tragedia
11 Settembre, Nessuno È più al Sicuro
11 Settembre, la Paura
*Born East, Bound West