American students studying at a variety of U.S. universities wrote life histories as a class assignment. Their task was to use their own lives to think critically about the media.

The groups in 1997 and 1998 participated in the course Critical Issues in the Visual Media . Subsequent groups participated in courses at the University of Illinios at Chicago. See the director's Course Syllabi.
Also, see the Analysis of the U.S. essay

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Fall Spring

Canadian Hockey Night
Many Roles TV Has Played in My Life
Time Mov(i)es On
Tragic News Stories
Movies and My Life
News I Can't Forget
The Nuclear Family in the Visual Age
TV in Spain
TV Snuggle Time
The Women's Team
Television Friends
Growing Up News
Hoarding Magazines
The Little Nameless Boy (The Holocaust)
Latino Goya Ads

TV and Marriage
My life History with Television

Aware of Books

The History of Arturo Reyes
Growing Up With Television
Individual Destruction
My Name is Juanita Santiago
The Life and Times of Keenan LeNoir
Kelly's Life History Story
Media Sampler
Mi Vida Mexicana
Music is My Life
The Music Talking to My Soul
My Experience with Television and Film in America
My Perfect Life
Negative Effects
On & On, My Cipher Keeps Movin' Like a Rollin' Stone
The Portrayal of African Americans in the Media
Product of the Media
Racism: A Life History Project
Talkin' 'bout Pop Musik
Time Out
Is Television Teaching About Race and Religion in USA?
Television vs. Wal-Mart
War and the Media
A Song for Life
Drugs and Alcohol
A Moment in My Life History
Ethnicity in Cartoons
Bodybuilding and It's Effects

Images of an 80's Child
Dog Days Revisited
Cowboys and TV
Computer Games
Animated Mentors
A Frame of Mind
Football & TV
Ads from Italy
N.Y. Hip Hop
The Newspaper: A Voice for the People?
Michael Jackson
Mee-dia (Soaps)
Great Book World

Diet Obsession
Forgetting Famine
Feminist Life
Melting Pot
Women and Men (Doing Without Dad)
Death and Dying

Abbreviated Life History
A Childhood Dream
The True Meaning of Christmas
Conglomeration of Cool
DJ Antee in the MIX
Fashion Mags
America's Favorite Pastime
Learning the Truth About the Value of TV
Love That Noise!
The Media as an Informant
From Media to Air
Molding Perfect Athletes
The Music Sounds Better With Me
My Life With Sports
My Family and TV
Portrays of Women
Puerto Rico TV Ninja
The Rock Star Image
Stereotypes on Television
Television and Prejudice
Wrestling with an Identity
Angel Rios

Media Through My Life