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Anna Maria Reimer <>

How Some Calls Have Changed My Life

I have to say that my family received the phone only in 1990 after the fall of the Berlin wall. Before this date very few families (overall the ones inside the party), had a phone. After the instalment we tried to phone every relative we had in the West side. My grandfather could never use the phone alone because is fingers were too big (I'm not exaggerating, he was huge), so that he stroke not a single button at a time but 2 or 3 together. When I was a teenager I didn't phone a lot, because I didn't have many friends and my parents wouldn't have allowed me to phone for more then an hour like my school mates did. Apart from the cost of phoning, my family saw communicating with the phone not necessary. Maybe because they always communicated directly with people, I don't really know.

Two or three times my life as been changed by a call. In the first of this I took leave from my first love, an Italian boyfriend. He had to leave never to come back. The story is really really sad and I don't know if I want to see it on the internet, maybe not.

The second call came when I was in US during my studies in High School. My mother called me to tell me that my grandfather (my father side) had died and that my best friend had had a mortal car incident he was invested by a drunk driver. He died immediately. I remember that I wanted to cry, cry, cry, without stopping. But my host-mother told me with a smile "Don't worry dear, you'll get over it. Just smileŠ. All this happened in 1997-1998.

In the last important call a diplomat from Columbia called me to tell me that Wilfred Reifer, my father (divorced from my mother when I was 5) had died. He had cancer in the last stage, and he didn't endure the pane so he committed suicide. The man on the phone explained to me all the complicate procedures to organize the funeral in Columbia, etc... I remember that I went to the garden were my mother and her second husband worked. I told her what had happened and she sat on the ground and began to cry. I remained there, without saying anything. This happened 3 years ago.


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