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Maria Kownacka

Italiano Vero: Italy in My Point of View

I don't remember when or in which occasions I've heard first time about Italy, it seems to me that I known something about this country since I was born. Yes, yes I know nobody knows anything at the beginning. I'm trying to find something from my earliest memoirs but all are merging together.

I remember some since form films or shows which create in my mind some stereotypes imagines of Italians and Italian culture. I remember really good the scenes from "Godfather" or "Americano a Roma" ("American in Rome") when you can hear the really particularly Italian accent in English and see the important role of the family. I've seen the old Italians mans discussing, loudly, about hmmm... who knows: politic, sacker, culture etc., I remember really popular show "Europa da sie lubic" ("Europe can be good") which were and I think still is in polish TV, were I could see the different nationalities speaking about them selfs. I newer forget my mum, grandma or friends which warn me against the Italian boys, because they heart or they know that they are 'dangerous".

And finally I come here, to Italy to the small town there everybody know each other and where you don't have really the place where you can height if you want to life in society, its means when you want to go to some pubs or restaurant. I came here for studding and... And I realized that most of thus films which I had seen it's not jus a science fiction or fairytales. The same day when I came to Italy had to go to the office for foreigners students, I would like to underline that, unfortunately, I didn't know Italian as I come, so the first person I've known was chaff of this office, which asked my why I don't know Italian, I told him that I came here to learn it, he respond that fortunately he know English, but in the fact his English was warts then my Italian, and I really couldn't understand him for first three months. Truly Nando Moriconi just on live!

I was really terrified that now I'll not be able to communicate with the people here, because If the gay in the office for foreigners know English "so good" what will by with the others wasn't so bad as I thought but almost every time wan I was speaking in English with Italian people I've heard this how to say it the God Father accent. Lacely now I can communicated it there language. Obviously that's really helped my to understand a lots of things around me.

The second thing which I remember quite good were history with cigarette, which for me were always inseparable element of Italians culture. Couple of months before I come to Italy I've seen in TV quite big program about countrys which initiated absolutely prohibition of smoking in the pubic place. Truly, I couldn't imagine my, thats situations. I've seen Cofe and Cigarettes (with Benigni) and for me it was the best exemplification of Italian stile of passing free time in cafeterias. At the beginning was really hard to get used to this, all the more that I'm also a smoker. However, I discovered fast that also Italians have a lot of methods to skip thus rules.

In the polish TV, and in the moust of films I've seen, Italians were always the type that "had a time", don't hurry, we have time, first we have to eat then we can go. I remember a lots of films with Benigni, he was always for me one of my one of the best stereotypes imagines of Italy and Italian people. Full of energy, optimist, lively, talkative, etc. At the beginning of my staying here this my stereotype were been shake a litter bit, but as I sad before I didn't know the language. After some time I discovered that even at North of Italy you can find a lot of that kind of people. I remember wan I was looking for some place with good music (for me the best would be jazz) but I wasn't really choosy. I was looking for many days, I didn't know a lot of people so was more difficult, finally I started to talk with the people. Someone told me about this, some one about that and at the end I found one, quite small place where, as I heard, I could listening jazz. I went there without knowing anyone, I ack for a beer, the barman responded my in English (Jesus, I really hate this since I started to speak and understand Italian), however I started to speak with him, then with his boss and his friends. At the beginning standard conversation, but after five minutes we discovered that we have a lot of common interesting. They told me about some jazz concert which will by next day in city near here. I went with them on the concert I've met other people. We were talking about Italy, Italian films and TV (here inseparable topic: Berlusconi and media), luckily I was quite good prepared for that kind of conversation, earlier I met some people which are studying communications and TV history so they told my a lot about Italian situations we were comparing it with situation I Poland and generally in Europe.

After five-six months I finally found my place in this country.


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