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Lane Walker

Bodybuilding and its Effects

Tye Parrish Allen

First of all, you have turned me into the type of person I hate. Writing this paper turns me into that same old person that talks about how great they were at something, are you that person. Some people always say stuff like I use to be able to run really fast, or I use to wear a size six when I was in high school. I really hate this one, I use to be in good shape. The other example that I am tired of is when guys brag about how many women they have been with. I use to be in really good shape, but one would think that there are only positive things to say about being in shape. I realize that in watching television, reading magazines, or reading the newspaper, the media has a lot to do with negative stereotypes. American society promotes being in shape and eating right, especially for females. I imagine that negative stories in the media create interest. The interesting part of that is interest creates money. It is nothing wrong with making money, but not at the expense of others. I read and hear about men taking steroids so that they can act and feel like one of the models in the Sports Illustrated magazine. I feel that reporters have a way of manipulating people wanting to become these little fictitious images we see on television. I feel that the reporters should research and get the facts before they report their stories. As I mentioned above, these negative stories make money and keep people interested.

It is a shame that out teenage girls starve themselves just so they will look like a model. Statistically, a lot of teenage girls die so that they will look or feel pretty because of the images they see on television. There is also media hype about Olympic athletes who were kicked out of their events because they were taking steroids. The only time you hear something positive about body building, is on the late night informercials, and these are usually done by fitness gurus. They usually try to introduce different machines to use to stay or get into shape. People usually use these machines for two weeks and then use it to hang their clothes on. The people who are doing these informercials have worked their buts off for years to look that good. This is how the media can distort people minds. The media as a whole contradicts itself. For example, if your brain was a potato, the television would be the masher. A person has to look at how the media portrays what's healthy and what's not and ask oneself, does this make sense.

I will ask you what is your opinion on steroids, creatine, or andros. Do you get a negative or positive reaction, do you know what they are? Do you even care what they are? I guess it does not really matter if you care because this is my paper. Anyway, when I was in eighth grade I won most of my races in track. The time when I came in second place against a guy name Cruz, I was pretty pissed. I guess a person would think that I am a sore loser. I believe this was the second time he beat me. After the race, people were saying "good race, you will get him next time". I did not want to hear that crap, I wanted to beat his ass. I recall someone saying something that got my attention. A guy asked me if I wanted to beat Cruz and I said "hell yeah," and this guy was telling me about steroids. He told me that this stuff would make me stronger, faster, and leaner. All I was thinking about was beating Cruz so I said hell yeah give me some. He told me I had to give him $200.00 for a twelve week cycle. I was broke, and I did not really understand the long term effects of steroids. It would have been a waste of time and money. I am glad that I did not have to find out about the negative side of steroids the hard way.

Later on after high school, I was working in the gym. A guy who worked at the gym sold steroids, and he talked to me about them. I deliberated for a while and figured I would try them. The syringes were surprisingly easy to get. All I needed to know was the size. I went to Walgreens pharmacy, told them what I needed and I was on my way. I was told to inject myself in the shoulder changing from left to right each week. Well, to my dismay, I did not get bigger muscles, and I did not get stronger, all I got was sore shoulders. Maybe all he gave me was brown water, but the steroids just did not have an effect on me. From that point on I was done with steroids. The funny thing is, is that I was already big, but I distorted my view of myself. I felt that I was small. The people who told me I was big was always smaller than me. I would smile and move on.
One day a guy in the gym introduced me to creatine. I was really hesitant to try it because of the money I spent on steroids. When it is all said and done, if you want to get big you will do whatever it takes to help you get there faster. The creatine was amazing to me with incredible results. The weight that I was doing one time I could actually do eight times with the creatine. The supplements today are so advanced that steroids may be gone forever. I look at old pictures of myself and wonder what was I thinking. Compared to how I look now, I was in tip top shape.

It is generally thought that exercise is healthy. For example, running, swimming, playing sports, and weight lifting are all things a person would think they need to be in shape. But how do you really know when you are fit. Is a person fit if they have a six pack or if they can go 45 minutes on the treadmill like the men on television. The way I look at health is when a person does not get tired easy. A person can jog up a flight of stairs and not be out of breath. Being healthy is about progression. A person has to continue to challenge his or her body. The ab roller will not get a person a six pack, but working your whole body will. I am out of shape now, but I will never forget how it feels to have a person want to touch my body. Strangers would come up to me and ask if they could touch my arms, shoulders, and chest. This is an addicting feeling that a person does not want to lose.

I love bodybuilding, and I would encourage everyone to read a book by Bill Phillips called "Body for Life". It will inspire a person and show a person how to have time for exercise. This book also shows how other people just like us can completely change their bodies. This has inspired me to make a change and get back in shape. No matter what you do, do not look at the media for the ideal way to get fit. Just have fun and listen to your heart.

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