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Frank Pecoraro

Drugs and Alcohol

The pressures to do drugs and drink or not to do drugs and drink are all over the television, on radio, in magazine etc. I don't understand pictures show people drinking and having fun. So what is it, I party and have fun then end up one of these guys in a commercial preaching about how horrible their life is.

Ever since I could remember I saw ads in the newspaper and on television telling people not to drink or to do drugs. But then on the other hand you see ads portraying alcohol and cigarettes as a good time. People in the pictures smiling and just really happy. So most naturally people will want to try it, who wouldn't want to have a good time. So I tried it. Now I smoke two packs of cigarettes a day and spend a great deal of money partying.

I remember the commercial of a guy standing in a kitchen frying some eggs, and then some spokes person says this is your brain on drugs. It never really affected me in the way the commercial intended it to but it always stuck with me. As I'm sure it stuck with a lot of people, may be as a joke or may be seriously. But it's always in the sub conscious.

I saw a television commercial the other day with these three kids; two of them came running up to the other. Asked the other boy to smoke a joint, and of coarse the kid said no. But I remember being in that position. I was about thirteen; me and two of my buddies bought a joint off of some girl we knew. My two friends have already tried it, so why not, I did it. But when I saw that commercial I though to myself, what if I would have said no, would my life be much different?

I'm really into the whole music scene so when I hear of famous musicians dying from drug overdoses I think why? What could have been so terribly wrong? They've got money, fame, power, and anything they want.

Whenever I see those commercials saying that drugs and drinking will ruin your life. They might be true in a way.

There's a buddy of mine that goes to MA (Marijuana Anonymous). I personally don't think he has a problem but I guess it's a way for him to talk about problems, and meet people who feel the same way. When I'm up late some nights and I see these hotlines for addicts, it just reminds me of him, I kind of laugh, but it also makes me think.

On the news the other night there was this porn star that has AIDS and she was on the street giving clean needles and condoms to drug addicts. And I thought that is was a good thing. Because it's true, drugs will always be there so why try and hide it. Face the problems and try to help. Addicts get diseases and spread it to other people because of dirty needles. So why not just help them to stay clean. Because addicts aren't going to go out and get help and just kick the habit. If they really want help they'll get it, no matter what people and the media tell them.

Basically it's up to the individual to make their own decisions, because if they want to drink and do drugs their going to no matter what an ad in the newspaper says, or some crack head on a commercial preaching about his life. It's up to that person to make his or her own choice.

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