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Angel Rios

When I was a kid, I used to play with my friends on the streets of my barrio in Puerto Rico. Everything was so perfect. The green of the grass, the big trees and the little park two blocks down the street. My childhood was perfect. I was pretty much over-protected by my parents. All I knew as a kid was two respect my parents and old people, my older
sisters and the teachers. I knew all the kid's games you could imagine by the time. I knew about being with my boys and and not so much with girls. I still remember my mom saying; "los nenes con los nenes y las nenas con las nenas." (nenes-boys; nenas-girl). I was just living my life as a kid with no hurry of becoming a grown up. I enjoyed nature with my friend and wouldn't watch too much TV. I could say that all the TV I would watch was 30 minutes a day. Then I started to grow up, just as TV was when I was around 7 years old.

TV was opening new worlds and forms of nature for me. All the good cartons they used to show would make me spend more time on the sofa than on top of a tree. But, at the same time, it helped me and my friend to be more tight each day. Right after each episode of the Thundercats, or Transformers, Mazenger or Voltron, G.I. Joe or Silver Hawks, we would go out on the street to fight and flight and do all the great things that they ( by that time where like gods for us) would do on TV.

At some point I was into the Ninja stuff that I watched on TV and I would get my mom to buy me White Ninja pajamas, and go out to my friend to kick their asses. I really though that I could fight like them, climb walls like them, disappear in a big cloud of smoke like them, and be feared by the black ninjas.

To all these, I was not even thinking of girls. I was having so much fun. Until one day, I felt in love with a girl in school. I didn't know what to do or how to act in front of her. I remembered seeing guys on TV kissing their girl-friend so I thought that's what having a girl-friend was all about. It was cool to imitate ninjas and other characters from TV. When I tried to imitate the guys and the kissing, the girl told me "eeeuuuugh, disgusting, what are you doing?" I understand that I was just eight years old, but then I figured that she had no TV. That must have being the reason for her surprising response to my attempt to kiss her. Luckly, I was not allowed to watch any pornos. Who knows what
I would have lost at the age of eight.

TV became a great influence in my life. It basically set the standards of the way society and life should be. Sometime it would should more fantasy than reality, but all fantasies is based on the search for reality. My reality was based on my limitations of imitating without getting hurt or hurt any body. So I kept looking for a girl, like on TV to give me the kiss. I looked but did not succeed. One day I was watching a movie, I believe it was Top Gun. Oh, men! they where using their tongues to kiss. Something new and interesting for my whole imitating urge. I wanted to "french kiss". That was the topic for months. I remember I asked a friend if they have done the tongue thing. I wanted to know why Tom
Cruised do that for. I had to wait several years to know.

Other things kept adding to the list like for example: holding hands, hugging, blowing ears or even lick'em, touch here, grab there and on...

Today, I think about how my behavior be with my girlfriend and how
it would've being to kiss her without having no information at all from
the TV set. Would I used my tongue or not. I probably would kick her ass
with my White Ninja pajamas.

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